If you are heading out on a camping trip, you already know to bring your sleeping bag and tent, but what else? In addition to the common camping lists of essential items, there are some useful, albeit unexpected things that can make your trip even better!

Ten things to bring camping are:

1.Umbrellas. It doesn't hurt to have an umbrella (or two) with you when camping. In addition to your usual rain-gear, these make it easy to shelter your picnic table or even provide some shade during your trip.

2.A bucket. There are so many times when a plastic bucket comes in useful camping. It can be used as a trash-receptacle, as well as to carry water when necessary. Don't leave home without one!

3.Baby-wipes. Pick up a couple packages of baby wipes for sticky hands, dirty fingers, and a quick freshen-up when you are in the great outdoors. It will save you from walking to the bathroom or running to the lake to wash up.

4.Peanut-butter. Another thing you might want to bring is a jar of peanut butter. Peanut butter has a long shelf-life and is an excellent source of protein when you are camping- especially if you plan on foraging for food- like fish- while you are away. When the fish don't bite, you will still have something for dinner!

5.An extension-cord. Bring an extension cord in the event that the campsite has power. You can keep phones charged or heat up your camper with this power source.

6.Christmas lights. Bring a set of string lights or holiday lights to drape over tents or around the table. These are festive, fun, and a great source of light when camping.

7.A coffee-press. A French coffee-press is perfect for when you are camping. You can boil water on the open fire, and then pour it in the press with your coffee grounds.

8.Your hammock. Bring your hammock for a perfect place to lounge while you are camping. If you don't own one, make your own hammock before you leave.

9.Board games. Make sure that you have something planned in case your kids don't have any phone reception during the trip. A deck of cards or a board game is the perfect way to pass the time.

10.A cutting board. Don't risk contamination or germs by trying to prepare food on the campsite's picnic table. Bring a cutting board, which will also prevent you from damaging the table when chopping veggies or preparing meals when you are away.

Camping is great fun, but don't get caught in the woods without something that you need. Use these tips to ensure you have a few useful and perhaps unexpected items that will make help make your trip one to remember!

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