You've been looking forward to this trip for months and finally got the courage up to ask your girlfriend for an overnight trip outdoors. While you know that there is nothing quite like camping underneath a sky full of stars, you're still a little worried about what she will think. After all, you know that the right person for you will have to be comfortable appreciating the beauty of nature. As you prep for your camping trip, use these tips to ensure that your weekend of outdoor romance goes off without a hitch.

Tickle Her Taste Buds

Forget about those tired old hot dogs that you serve to your buddies on guy's weekends. Instead, surprise your girlfriend by showing off your campfire culinary skills. Buy camping cooking supplies before the trip, and explore a few gourmet recipes that can all be prepared over a fire or tabletop stove. For instance, you can make apple crumble or brownies in a dutch oven, or you can bake a pizza over the fire that beats anything you could get delivered at home. Just make sure to practice any new recipe a few times first, and watch her eyes light up when she sees the restaurant-quality food you pull off of the fire.

Choose Your Love Nest Wisely

As you know, camping spots are not all the same. If your girlfriend is new to camping, then skip the primitive sites and show her some love by choosing a spot with easy access to the bathrooms. Most public campgrounds still have secluded spots along the outlines of the camping area, and picking one that is set off apart from the rest will give you just enough privacy to truly enjoy some special moments. If you have a double hammock, look for a site with space to set it up and enjoy those bonus points for making space for lots of snuggles.

Keep An Ace In The Hole

Learning to love nature means accepting that anything can happen. Surprise thunderstorms may be normal in the wild, but they don't have to ruin the trip. Make sure to have a few back up games to play in the tent, but spice it up a little more than just pulling out a deck of cards. Consider throwing some glow sticks in water bottles for a late night game of in-tent bowling, or pull out a bottle of champagne for a romantic picnic for two on the screened tent porch as the rain pours outside.

This camping trip is sure to be one like no other before, and you can't wait to see how your girlfriend loves the outdoors. By making sure to go all out, you can bet that your camping weekend will be the first of many awesome outdoor memories.